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Date and Time


Saturday April 18, 2009 from 10am to 10pm




Terrace Prosoftware IT Cluster

Poniente 140 No. 839

Col. Industrial Vallejo

Mexico D.F. 02 300



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By Metro


Take the station of your choice and go to Metro or Metro Rosario March 18.


In the case of Rosario Metro, take the bus to the Polytechnic, Metro March 18, La Villa. Get off in front of the IT Cluster, just after passing over the railway tracks underground.


In the case of Metro Deportivo 18 de Marzo (or Linda Vista), take the bus to Rosario, UAM Azcapotzalco. Get off in front of the IT Cluster, after crossing Vallejo, North 45 and North 59.


Forge Metro is 3 blocks, of Vallejo, as a 15 minute walk. Forge is down at Metro, walk up the bridge, reaching Ceylan (the street is called the town highway Azcapotzalco) to Ceylon, which is the street parallel to farm av .. must izquieda down the bridge and walk to the west 140.


Another route is the left marked in red on the map below http://yfrog.com/0mtrayectoj, But it also applies while in Metro Forge, the map says it all.


The suburban train station Fortuna, is a way out of Ceylon, from there are like 3 blocks to West 140



Another underground where you can take a bus is out of the metro "Normal" which is on the blue line that goes from four paths between the station Taxqueña San Cosme and Military College, Normal subway out walk in the opposite direction of circulation vehicular streets and in the first few buses that go there say Ceylan, and just go all Ceylan Avenue and just west get off at 140 which will be situated a vehicular bridge, dropping only have to walk to the right about 100 meters the number 839 and there is the IT Cluster.



By car


Tell us where you come and explain.


@ Chillicoder: I come from the east of the CD., To reach the area I do is get to Montevideo and continue north through the center in May. Orientation?


You keep all the axis 5, crosses Vallejo, reaching almost to Ceylon. After crossing North 59, you stick to the left (be careful with the backflow) and near the end of the block surrounding the building. Only be careful not to reach the railroad crossing / Estrella Blanca


If someone is going to go by car and want to give a ride can be said for coming through at what time. to see if someone is: D






(@ Psyrax) I guess I will continue with the project shdh SINV... jajajaja XD


(@ Gaux) I want to make a game for facebook, if I have an idea that will make sure


(Boyz @) I will continue with python, I have 12 days to give everything and to do something interesting in the dev house. Suggestions welcome for someone who is learning. : P


(DFectuoso) Twirex iPhone apps and playing with the digg api


(@ PLSO) Work with a motion detection algorithm using Mathlab.


(@ Omarslvd) I will be working with Creator ShortURL, URL's short generator that uses the TinyURL service, and Bit.ly. TinyArro.ws If someone wants to learn something from C # or VB.NET I can gladly help.


(@ Chubas) Work in a documentation system developer stories (draft MexicoOnRails) and / or continue with my project's creator and publisher of online music and / or develop a client for Twirex in Flex.


(@ LauraDark) TProject rabajaré in a magazine Online: Promised Land


(@ Ivansalazarv) Possible projects: Reply SICP exercises. Start making a compiler for guiding scheme in SICP, this paper and EOPL. Start using AppEngine.


(@ Siedrix) Possible projects: Make a RSS reader that allows searching in zend blog comment in which articles or a twitter client / CRM ... and / or food.


(@ Maimai) try to make a tool to reserve meeting rooms in the office using c # and sql.


(@ Cesarsalazar) I will play with hexadecimal to make a color matching service. If you @ miguelvalenciav, I am sure we will continue with our ISM (reduction of complexity> Warfield algorithm> Linear algebra)


(@ Tucif) Will work on python (django perhaps, it depends). I have wanted to learn to use the Twitter API to make a kind of organizer of followers (I have to define good idea), or it might make progress in school projects: / (simulation with intelligent agents in a disaster or my virtual learning environment).


(@ Apedron) Continue with Cafetenado With Web, This time makes a template for the blog and do better the logo, makes an advertising campaign for a spa and start working with a web based company, which is dedicated to building roofs (give me time??)


(@ Jcastaneyra) @ Chubas work with in the draft and will return MexicoOnRails my project management dental patients.


(@caMorales) Have you seen a glass of water? I have thirst.


(@ ZeruGiran) Web Server in less than 100 lines of code, using the library SolarSockets. And swallow sandwiches.


RESULTSI arrived a bit late, so I only worked a couple of hours. I could barely do seem to interpret the HTTP commands: I could only implement a part of the GET command. I also realize that the project is not going to be on 100 lines as I planned, my plan was to use the code as an example of use of the library, so it had to be small, but I think it will be possible. I will still continue. I did not eat any sandwich.


(@ Arturogarrido) I hope now if he can play with Flex / Air.


(@ Chillicoder) I have three options, working on the implementation of ActiveResource in C #, draft and MexicoOnRails @ jhapik good idea, do not expect to get from the start but I'm sure to the end: D


(@ Josesalomon) I'll go to finishing and releasing "popcorn-mexico" if not I will not finish.


(@ Strombringer) If I lose myself in the way I work with python and web p (http://webpy.org/) I want to make a bug tracking system (or something that seems to you).


@mpastrana (No, I do not believe in making use of parentheses pompous) - Ending HOYGAN generator, "goals for this Saturday? HOYGANiza any URL automatically!


(@ Jackfiallos) I know that bored with this, but I have to finish it .. Clickstatistics continue with and now that is almost finished I will begin to see the transition to a WordPress plugin. If anyone has already done something for WP, welcome all assistance.


@ CFD reth1205 a little to start with the API developed in Java for the issuance of Digital Tax Receipts in the country and generate a code file for reading DER are private keys to generate the labels of the vouchers digatales . transformed in this moment the file to a PEM but ultimately not be prudent to continue with this is why he does with the DER files.


@ Pepe_electro some web GIS


@ Cycle Continue to develop the project Trendedero


@ Netwalker I still do not know whether to continue with the plot or something Trendedero


@Car Transport For Example


(@ LuisZavaleta) I will continue with the project of taxis, although I won the idea: (but the other page is very ugly hahaha


@ Thanuz work on a project for the social service department of the school @ Orion_black and @ Chroposnos. PHP and CakePHP will use to make the application. If time permits I will use to become more familiar with the tool Joone.

@ JoShUa_007 Projects will continue with their jobs, to answer questions

Comments (4)

reth1205 said

at 4:07 pm on Apr 17, 2009

@reth1205 iniciar con el desarrollo de un API dedica al uso de los CFD en el país

Zetha said

at 10:03 pm on Apr 17, 2009

@Thanuz trabajaré en un proyecto para el departamento de servicio social de la escuela con @orion_black y @chroposnos,
Utilizaremos php para realizar la aplicación. Si queda tiempo lo usaré para familiarizarme más con la herramienta Joone.

ZeruGiran said

at 9:56 am on Apr 19, 2009

Hi ya. ¿Cual es la URL del proyecto de facturacion? O ¿el Twitter de quien esta desarrollando? Saludos.

Vladimir Gómez said

at 1:19 pm on Apr 19, 2009

El URL de la librería para facturación (CFD) es http://code.google.com/p/cx-faktura/
No terminé mi tarea del programa de Damas, pero avancé mucho más que si me hubiera quedado a hacerlo en casa.
Fue estupendo asistir al SHDH. Seguro nos vemos en el siguiente.
Saludos a todos.

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